Welcome to relaxing and hospitality hotel viewing stunning scenery of gorge.

Jozankei grand hotel Zuien is dwelled at Jozankei Onsen town in the depth of Sapporo. Looking down the gorge, Toyohira river flowing out hot spring from bottom of river is running through and you can view seasonal Jozankei gorge scenery. Large open-air bath having a view of seasonal flowers, autumn leaves and white snow scenery is equipped. "Edo-mushi buro"in Edo period (1603-1868) giving origin to Sento(public bath house) is set so you can also experience Japanese old culture. Fireworks event thrown by Zuien in winter and summer twice a year is recommended.
You can watch dynamic fireworks shooting in front of your room.
Buffet cooking performance made in front of your eyes and Japanese style set meal changing menu seasonally with ingredients of Hokkaido are our special. Enjoy comfortable time with viewing stunning gorge scenery.