Restaurant Stera Monte

Hotel’s specialty is the Japanese & Western cuisine buffet featuring a variety of seasonal ingredients of Hokkaido selected by chef. Enjoy the flavor of ingredient itself in a sprawling and bright space.

※Set menu of dinner and breakfast may be changed by condition.

※Not allowed to use restaurant in Japanese bathrobe(Yukata).

※Please ask us when you need a chair and plate for kids.


Opening hours 6pm- 9pm/Last order 8:30pm

Japanese and Western cuisine buffet featuring local vegetables from Mt. Daisetsu

Example of Buffet menu※Menu changes daily.


Use fresh vegetables picked at the base of Asahidake.


Tempura also goes well with green tea salt.


You can taste fresh raw fish slice "Sashimi" of Hokkaido.


"Menu of the day" pilaf used local rice "Higashikawa"grown up by Fukuryusui.


You can enjoy healthy mother's home taste such as wild vegetable and homemade tofu.


Indulge in a variety of dessert such as mini cake and ice cream.

Local beer, sake and wine available at dinner time!!

Recommended draft beer

Sapporo“CLASSIC”sold only in Hokkaido.

Malt 100% draft beer is made of "Fine Aroma Hop" certified by world brewer and tastes rich, mild and fresh.

“Sapporo Edelpils”

Edelpils is premium beer brewered by German traditional method and used aroma hop 3 times more than ordinary beer's.

Recommended wine

There is wide range of wine selection to match a guests’ special dishes, such as Furano wine and wine direct from Maoi winery addressed in Nganuma-cho Yubari-gun. Maoi winery is located on Umaoi hill in Naganuma-cho and owned by married couple. Entire process of making this wine is by hand and complement to our Bear Monte dishes obsessed with nutritious gift of land.

Recommended draft beer

"Pure rice sake" and "Authentically-brewed sake"used "Higashigawa rice"harvested in Higashigawa-machi representing rice-producing region Hokkaido.


Opening hours 7am-9am/Last order 8:30pm

Milk soup and curry cooked by vegetable sweetness are must-eat!

All kinds of Japanese and Western breakfast are prepared. Are you rice person or bread person for breakfast?


Milk soup and bread combination is awesome!


Homemade nutritious morning curry with local “Higashikawa” rice and vegetables.

Smoking room


There is the 1st floor of smoking room in the lobby inside.